Who is your spirit animal?

The happy celestial circus

A little insight into the spirit animals on their days off.

hcc insight


Sweet Lou Bear, Freddie Fox, Turtle

Like most ideas, a combination of extra time and contemplative thoughts of coworkers' spirit animals led to the Happy Celestial Circus universe.

The First character, Sweet Lou Bear, was the embodiment of a friend.  Always together, Freddie Fox, was the next character.  

Once I knew what they looked like, it wasn't hard to envision a world where they found themselves in a manner of situations.  Together with Ocelot and Turtle, their world just needed someone to  tell it.

The ideas of the books was to include as many spirit animals to interact and appear in the background.  

Having a twitter account is great, however, I was at a loss to tweet about anything of significance. 

So I started cartoon my followers in the form of their spirit animal. 

Two birds, one tweet.  If you follow me, I will cartoon your spirit animal.  Keep an eye peeled for the next book, the animal will probably be in there somewhere.