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A couple of years ago, we came up with a children’s book concept, Mr. Big Toe.

Late at night Mr. Big Toe ventures out to solve the day’s problems.  No problem is too big or too small

MBT r3 cover only



The first book, Mr. Big Toe and the Missing Socks,  introduced the reader to Mr. Big Toe’s world.

We were introduced to all manner of inhabitants, including: the family, the family cat, a dryer sheet ghoul, and the dreaded dust bunnies.







MBT VAC cover


In the second book, Mr. Big Toe, Adventure into the Vacuum Cleaner, the fun continues as Mr. Big Toe chases down a wedding ring.

We get introduced to a whole new cast of characters, including, the family dog, the bird, the Gerbil Don, and a couple of important mice named Sabby and Hugo.







MBT3 Cover



The latest selection, Mr. Big Toe, Mystery of the Squeaky Stair, finds Mr. Big Toe teaming up with Sabby and Hugo.  After rescuing The Hey Hay horse, everyone ventures into the stairs to find and free Mr. Moose from the many-legged villain, the spider.