The cartooning endeavor came suddenly one night in college… after a pontifical jam session, a pen, and some scrap paper.  A couple of weeks later, due to some in measurable circumstances, we found ourselves with a daily cartoon strip in the university paper.  The university was The Ohio State University, and the paper was The Lantern.

A couple years after graduating, nostalgia started to seep in and we looked for a way to recreate the special experience.  We founded Watchdog Productions to help focus our effort to land a daily cartoon strip with one of the big boys.  While waiting for rejection letters, we started pushing out greeting cards and t-shirts to raise awareness.

We took on other clients who had great ideas for cards and things but needed a little structure.  As a Watchdog Productions blossomed into a company that took on creative projects for creative people that needed a little more direction.

Watchdog expanded to merchandise through Cruked Halo and printed material as Verbatim Almost.

Today Watch Dog keeps four cartooning universes.  Although they stand alone, the keen eye may find them occasionally appear in an adjacent neighboring story.

The Water Stop is the oldest cartooning spectrum.  It is people specific and typically focuses on an athletic orientation.  The setting is an urban intersection with a coffee shop, a bar, and a park making up three of the corners.

The Adventures of Mr. Big Toe series blends people and animals. The series explores all of the nooks and crannies of an old Victorian home through the eyes of Mr. Big Toe.

The Happy Celestial Circus is specific to the world of spirit animals when they are away from guiding their ward.  The series focuses on a couple of animals, including Sweet Lou Bear, Freddie Fox, and Turtle.

Faasel’s Labyrinth is the fourth world and blends fantasy creatures and people.  It is a blend of fantasy, steam punk, and magic with a sprawling labyrinth as it’s primary setting. The origin of the story is that of a war-weary Minotaur who acquires an abandoned mine shaft.  He puts warring aside and settles into the administration of  fashioning the mine shaft into his first labyrinth.

To this day, we collaborate on all kinds of creative projects with all sorts of folks. We have found that a children’s book format is most enjoyable and have six books to date released on

These include 3 Mr. Big Toe Books, 2 Happy Celestial Circus books, and one book titled The Legend of Bike Wrench Brewer.

Our interests vary widely and are limited only by the folks we meet and collaborate.  If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, find your fun in a recently installed scavenger hunt, called Cheryl’s Awesome Scavenger Hunt.

Thank you for your interest.

Jeremy Martin